Welcome to Arlene Kline Art

Hi there!

I’m an illustrator and painter working primarily in pen, ink, water colour, oils and digital art.

Buying original art

If you are interested in buying any of the work featured or in commissioning new work, please contact me by email and enjoy an original piece of art. Remember, all original paintings are signed by the artist (me 🙂 ).

Buying prints and cards

To buy high quality framed, standard or canvas prints and cards online please visit the Shop. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. PLUS we deliver world-wide!

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Dunluce Castle

Here’s a snapshot of my latest watercolor. It’s of Dunluce Castle which a ruin in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. I wanted it to have a fantasy effect, so I floated bright orange and magenta into the sky and added plenty of dark, warm purples and orangey greens.

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Norman Rockwell exhibition

The Norman Rockwell exhibition is on at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC. It’s free and it’s amazing, so make sure to visit 11am – 7pm. For more info visit The American Art Museum

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MooLand Rouge

I have been having some fun using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad! Here is my first illustration 🙂

MooLand Rouge

MooLand Rouge

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Arlene Kline Art featured on Redbubble this month!


I was really excited to see that the fabulous artists’ website Redbubble has featured not 1 but 2 of my paintings this month!

The Island featured on Redbubble's Homepage!

Sunflower Splatters featured on Redbubble's Homepage!

Remember you can buy prints or cards from many of my paintings via my shop on Redbubble.

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Painting a watercolour: Final stage

The brown centres of the flowers are added to complete the painting.

Painting a watercolour: Final stage

Painting a watercolour: Final stage

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Painting a watercolour #3

Once the paint is completely dry the masking fluid is gently cleaned then removed. This reveals the graduated orange-yellow under-painting which becomes the colours of the sunflowers.

Masking fluid is removed to reveal the 'sunflowers'

The masking fluid is gently removed, revealing the graduated orange-yellow colours of the sunflowers.

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Painting a watercolour #2

Next I mask off the sky area to protect it from the spattered paint I will use to create the sunflower field. For this I use old pieces of card.

I then use masking fluid to mask off flower shapes in the graduated area below the sky. I do this very loosely to create a more exciting effect.

The painting is then left until the masking fluid is completely dry before spattering the green leaves and stalks in the field. I spatter water from the tip of a brush then spatter on lashings of dilute green paint. The droplets should get smaller, paler and cooler as they recede. Once this is dry I repeat the process over and over with different shades of green and some violets to get the desired effect. The painting is left to dry completely between layers of paint.

Easel with painting masked off and green paint spattered on unprotected areas

Masking off areas to be protected from the paint spatter of the sunflower field

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Painting a watercolour #1

After masking off the edges of the stretched watercolour paper I added in the sky then the graduated background to what will eventually be a field of sunflowers.

early stages of painting showing graduated under-painting for sunflower field

Laying in the graduated background for the field of sunflowers

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Stages of my oil painting process: Final

Stages of my oil painting process: Final

Stages of my oil painting process: Final

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